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ARC Energy Assessment
Commercial EPC's

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates

ARC Energy Assessment

As part of the governments move to meet climate change targets, the introduction of EPC's is part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). These certificates are designed to increase the awareness of the energy efficiency of commercial buildings.

An EPC is required when a building is constructed, let or sold, and is valid for a period of 10 years or until superseded.

The purpose of the Energy Performance Certificate is to record the energy efficiency and carbon emissions of a building. Each certificate provides an individual rating for the property graded from 'A to G'. A being the most energy efficient, carbon neutral building. With a few exceptions, every building being marketed requirres an EPC to be provided to prospective buyers, tenants, owners and occupiers so they can assess the building and consider the energy efficiency as part of their investment and business decision.

Each EPC will be provided with a Recomendations Report. This will outline options that could potentially improve the energy efficiency of the building.

The following prices can be used as a guide, but for a quotation on a specific premises, please email sales@arcenergy.net or call us on 020 8172 0080.

  • Small retail premises: Up to approx 100m2. From £150.00
  • Small / Medium Office building: 100m2 - 499m2. From £180.00
  • Large buildings: 500m2 - 999m2. From £400.00
  • Buildings 1000m2 and above: P.O.A.

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